Maras – Moray, Salineras; Half Day (9:00 Am – 3:00 Pm)

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Very interesting tour that will take you to know one of the most important Inca sites, the archaeological complex of Moray, where Inca agricultural scientists conducted effective research to optimize the potential of crops in the Andes, a true research laboratory. It also includes a tour to the Salineras complex, a beautiful natural landscape where salt was produced and which is also an important part of Andean history.

The Maras – Moray, Salineras; Half Day (9:00 Am – 3:00 Pm) Package Includes:

The Tour Includes

  • Professional guide
  • Tourist transportation

The Tour does not Include

  • Foot
  • Tourist ticket

Detailed Itinerary

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    Day 1:

    A member of our company will pick you up from the hotel in the city of Cusco at 9:00 a.m. to go by bus to Moray, a natural geographic depression that was brilliantly used in Inca times. The tour there lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes; it is undoubtedly a beautiful archaeological complex where the natural landscape was technologically redesigned by the Incas for the cultivation and adaptation of different types of vegetables for human consumption. During the tour you will also be able to observe different snow-capped peaks of the Andes, through lush fields of wheat and also pass through some very typical Andean villages.

    The archaeological site of Moray has three circular, amphitheater-like terraces that are symmetrical, which were designed by the Incas. These terraces are said to be deeply carved into bowl-shaped soil, which was used to determine optimal growing conditions. After exploring Moray’s archaeological complex, we will head to the salt mines called Salineras, located 2 kilometers away. This place is known as an old salt production center, which dates back to the end of the Spanish domination period. It has more than 3,000 pools of salt, all carved in mountain slope, that are filled every day by a stream of water. The area has an incredible beauty and spectacular location. Once the visit is over, we will go back to the city of Cusco in time to enjoy a delicious lunch, arriving at approximately 3:00 pm. Another ideal destination for a vaction in the Peruvian Andes! Contact us immediately to book an unforgettable Peru tour!


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