City Tour en Cusco.

City Tour in Cusco / half day.

We begin our tour of the city of Cusco, visiting all the most important places in the city, located around Cusco. We started visiting the beautiful “Cathedral” of Cusco. This huge cathedral was built in the sixteenth century. It contained about 400 colonial paintings, many of the Cusco School, which was prominent in the 17th century among them a painting of the Last Supper by Marcos Zapata, showing Christ and the Apostles eating cuy (guinea pig was to mains in the sacred banquet in Inca times, then visit “the temple of Koricancha” was the most important temple of the Inca Empire. According to archaeologists that occupies more than 1,000 priests and assistants. within its walls, religious ceremonies were constant and offerings to the gods and mummies of the Incas were made every day, immediately after we visit the great “strength INKA of Sacsayhuaman”. This enormous structure with wonderful to the city of Cusco view. Its construction is amazing, huge stones perfectly aligned. it is said that had more than 10,000 employees and 50 years to build. the origin of the temple of Sacsayhuaman is still unknown at present. its construction is attributed to the Inca Pachacutec (in the language Inca Pachacutec means Cataclysm or that transforms the world), the man credited with founding essentially the Inca Empire. We will visit another important Inca site known as “Kenko”. This is a place with underground passageways carved stone channels in a zigzag pattern. On the inside there is a carved stone table which is said to be where the Incas mummified their dead. Then we will make a brief visit to the archaeological site Inca “Tambomachay”, a temple dedicated to the god of water. After these visits, we will return to Cusco at approximately 7:00 p.m..

It includes:


Not included:

Tourist ticket 70 soles for the 4 Incas sites
Cathedral 25 soles
Temple of the Sun Qoricancha 10 soles

Prices :

    • Group Service:
    • Service x 2 people: $20.00
    • service x 3 people: $17.00
    • service x 4 people: $14.00
    • service x 5 people: $11.00
    • service x 6 people: $9.00
    • service x 7 people: $7.00


    • Private Service:  – $70.00