Choquequirao 5Days/4Nights

Day 1: Excursion to CHOQUEQUIRAO Via Capulilloc – Playa Rosalina.

This tour is one of the walks to the Inca Trail, the hiker may prove his fitness and enjoy each of the sites and the beautiful views of the Andes mountains that accompany every moment, our whole beauty of the Andes It makes our trek the best ever. We leave from Cusco early in the morning at 4:30 we will have 4 hours by car to get to the departure of our trek.

During our journey by car passed through several places like IZCUCHACA, TARAWASI, LIMATAMBO up to spur the beginning of our trip and then to the village of Cachora. It is at this point that our horsemen are waiting for us to be able in this way to meet everyone and have our presentation to start packing all our stuff to be carried by mules and donkeys and led by the carriers, so we started our walk with joy and the desire to discover what lies ahead for our first night in distant lands surrounded by mountains; after a few minutes of walking we will have our first glimpse of the archaeological site of Choquequirao, at a distance we can see the natural look of CAPULLIYOC, this system path has a zigzag shape in the direction of the river, during our descent we can appreciate beautiful views nature with her fauna welcome us to this paradise of the Incas, today we can camp on the beach ROSALINA near the Apurimac river.

Day 2: Playa Rosalina a Choquequirao.

We started very early to avoid the sun, it is recommended to start early in order to enjoy more of the place because this way we can avoid the sun. Pass by a footbridge 1,550 m / 5,100 ft, our mules and donkeys also pass through the same area, our way up to the path is a zigzag path climb towards Santa Rosa, where we find cool drinks and take a minute break to continue the journey, in this point we can see the planting of sugar cane, sugar cane is also used to perform symbolic drink of the area as Cambrai, drink very sweet, if we exceed in quantity we could end up inebriated. Continuing our tour will follow the zigzag path and pass by beautiful places and finally to MARAMPATA, where we will have the best view from this point. From here we begin to enter into our camp INC. We spend the night.

Day 3: Choquequirao Tour full day of activities.

Today we begin the day exploring the archaeological zone CHOQUEQUIRAO, Cradle of Gold” Today we have all day to know the history and see its hidden between the mountains of the Andes can also see a condor to be flying over the area and its mountains charms.
CHOQUEQUIRAO It was discovered in 1909 by Hiram Bingham, before the discovery of Machu Picchu. Today we can discover and explore more of CHOQUEQUIRAO knowing its main square, fountains and Inca enclosures if you have more energy can go to the terraces of the flames or else you could return to the camp INC. To take a break and relax before we could eat rich, nutritious lunch made by our cook the day have time to explore some places in the area on your own or if you want to take a little relaxation in the camp and enjoy the place.

Day 4: Choquequirao Chiquiska.

We return along the same path through the Apurimac Canyon, and go down the cliffs on the banks of the Apurimac River is in this way that we can enjoy more of our descent and come to the beach ROSALINA from this point begin to ascend through an area hot and we can see some birds passing through the skies and thus able to continue our path route to CHIKISKA, where we will camp and enjoy all the warm atmosphere that gives us the place, it is at this point where we can appreciate different fruits of the area and the place where we spend the night.

Day 5: Chikiska – Capulilloc – Cusco.

Early in the morning we started our tour and started to go up and say goodbye to CHIKISCA walk about 3 hours. We said goodbye to the beautiful places and we started getting into the mountains and pastures stretching to the viewpoint of Capulilloc already Capulilloc it is time to begin to say goodbye to the place and our team was with us all the way to our adventure and all these fantastic days. After our farewell began our return to the city of Cusco, on the course of our return we pass through incredible scenery and observe the last time these incredible places with sadness in his face and looking forward to this place we said goodbye to him.


  • – Tour to CHOQUEQUIRAO.
    Tour Guide.
    Private tourist transport and professional driver
    Entrance to the archaeological site of CHOQUEQUIRAO
    Pack animals like mules or horses with their riders to take adventure equipment such as tents, sleeping,  cooking and other charging accessories for our camp.
    Personal items to carry 8 kg / £ 17
    Camping for 4 nights in spacious tents and sleeping matrax
    Backpacks Company to store personal items.
    A professional chef specialist in Andean meals.
    Meals (4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners)
    – W
    e include in our diet fruits, meats, pastas, pancakes and vegetables.
    We provide boiled water to drink the second day
    Coca tea in your tent to be hot and which may be energized.
    Hot water containers daily for personal hygiene.
    – B
    iodegradable or gel to clean your hands soap.
    First aid kit.

Not included:

  • – Tipping the guide, cook, driver.
    Water for the first day.
    – Nutrition bars, chocolates or nuts for your travel.
    Breakfast for the first day, dinner on the fourth day, dinner on the fifth day.
    In an awareness to our environment we encourage our customers to use refillable bottles.
    Optimum backpack to carry your personal belongings.

What to bring:

  • – Lightweight hiking shoes.
    2 pairs of pants adventure hike
    Jacket for temperature alteration during travel.
    1 rain jacket: for the first night will be our temperature – 5 degrees Celsius / 41 degrees Fahrenheit, this rain coat can be very useful for rainy days and even if we are in the dry season.
    Thermal underwear: wool socks / gloves / wool hat for evenings.
    3 pairs of underwear, four pairs of socks.
    Two long-sleeved shirts, 2 long-sleeved shirts.
    1 Great sleeping bag Warm very good quality.
    – T
    oilet paper or wet cloths.
    Pills for altitude sickness.
    Cream for sun protection.
    Mosquito repellent
    Camel back
    Camera or camcorder.
    – P
    ersonal flashlights.
    You bandages.
    Sandals for use after each walk.
    Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste / shampoo / conditioner, hair brush / cream, feminine products,
    Deodorant, sunglasses, hand sanitizer
    Drug pills stomach
    Plastic for storage of dirty and wet items.
    A good book to read in a free moment.
    – A
    dditional money to buy drinks or something for personal use.


Sleeping bag (4 seasons, the maximum size of 1.95 m / 6’4 “) $25
Pair of poles $15


Price Group.:

2 people: US $ 690 precio por persona

  3 people: US $ 650 price per person

  4 people: US $ 600 price per person

  5 people: US $ 550 price per person

  6 people: US $ 500 price per person

  7 + people: US $ 480 price per person

Private Service:

2 people: US$700

3 people: US$ 670

4 people: US$630

5 people: US$570

6 people: US$550